Victoria has a plethora of large hotels like the Hotel Grand Pacific or the Empress, with massive ballrooms suitable for accommodating your wedding party. If you want to keep it small and intimate, however, try Fairholme Manor (, a Victorian-style B&B with a magnificent garden. Prior House Inn ( is another small establishment featuring Tudor style dйcor and a dainty garden, while Abigails Hotel ( offers proximity to the Inner Harbour and fresh, classy dйcor. A quick flight or five-hour drive away is the inspiring locale of Tofino, home to such romantic wedding havens at the Wickinninish Inn ( and the Long Beach Lodge Resort ( Here, the ocean meets the Pacific Rim National Park, an ancient rainforest that unfurls alongside the pristine white stretch of sand known as Long Beach. In summer, its a veritable playground, while in winter, storm-watching is a source of endless fascination.

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