The cutting of the wedding cake symbolizes a lifetime of sharing as the bridal couple, with arms intertwined, offer each other a piece of the cake.

The wedding cake was traditionally a fruitcake, dating back to a time before baking powder and baking soda. The cake was symbolic of fertility and abundance. Bakers today create wedding cakes in a variety of flavours and styles. In the hands of a creative cake designer, a wedding cake can reflect the bride and groom’s lifestyles and personalities. Many bakers can duplicate a cake design from a photograph or picture. The baker you select may specialize in particular flavours, so be sure to ask for samples.

When ordering your cake, be sure to ask for an additional section of the cake if you plan to give each guest a wrapped piece as they leave the reception. Be sure to make arrangements for delivery of the cake and storage at the reception facility. If you plan on keeping the top tier of your cake to be shared on your first anniversary, ask your baker how it should be properly stored to maintain its freshness.

If you choose to make the cake yourself some bakers will complete the icing, marzipan and decorating for you. They can even supply you with the materials necessary to bake the cake.

As an alternative to the plastic bride and groom cake toppers, consider an arrangement of fresh flowers, porcelain cherubs or an elegant glass sculpture to place atop your cake.

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