Grand Lido Braco Honeymoons

Grand Lido BracoMost of us dream of a honeymoon somewhere exotic, where days are filled with sunshine, water sports and swimming or sunbathing on pristine beaches surrounded by a turquoise ocean. And though many claim to satisfy, there are few places in the world that hit the spot exactly, providing luxury, privacy, exquisite cuisine, a couples-only environment and all the let-your-hair-down fun you could ask for, all at one price.

There�s one resort that takes all this and more into account, promising a honeymoon that is tranquil, incredibly luxurious, interspersed by divinely memorable meals and filled with daytime activities like diving, snorkeling, biking, waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing, tennis, golf, aerobics and more.

Grand Lido BracoIf you�re looking for the ultimate Caribbean honeymoon, the all-inclusive kind where you never have to carry a wallet or bother with tipping, look no further than Grand Lido Braco in Trelawny, Jamaica. This resort stands out in memory for delivering perfection all round, and leaving me�a travel and honeymoon writer who has scurried the globe in search of the best�with nothing short of longing to return to those sandy shores for round two.

The resort itself is constructed to resemble a quaint town square, complete with cobblestone streets, their corners occupied by Jamaican artisans displaying and creating their handicrafts. There are large, decadent swimming pools with swim-up bars, tons of beach chairs and lots of space, meaning you�ll never be short of a quiet place to read your book. Nor will you be pestered by the sounds of other people�s children, for Grand Lido Braco is a couples-only destination, meaning adult antics are the only ones accepted.

Some resorts are so full of guests that it�s hard to find a quiet place to call your own, and this is where Braco stands apart from its competition. Spread out over several kilometres, there are tranquil nooks hidden throughout: hammocks, hot tubs surrounded by lush Caribbean foliage and long stretches of white sand where you can lose yourself in a delicious walk at sunset, savouring the beauty of Jamaica.

Grand Lido BracoThere are two sides to Grand Lido Braco, each in an entirely separate wing of the resort so as to ensure their paths do not cross. One side is clothing optional, a place where those favouring an au naturel state can do so in their own pools and hot tubs, with swim-up bars and even a clubhouse. In this area, you can order your lunch by the pool or ocean, do water aerobics or volleyball in the nude or take a dip in the ocean without ever needing to put on a stitch of clothing. The same amenities exist on Grand Lido Braco�s other wing, with the exception that clothing is mandatory.

There are six dining options at Braco, each with their own distinct personalities and culinary offerings. There�s the formal French Piacere restaurant, where reservations and jackets are compulsory and dinner is delivered by white-gloved waiters. At the other end of the spectrum is La Pasta, a casual sidewalk caf� with Italian fare, and in between is everything from Japanese to traditional to tastes of Jamaica at Munahana restaurant. Add to that a 24-hour room service and one thing is for sure: you never go hungry.

Grand Lido BracoNor are you ever short of activities, and the beauty is, none of them is price-prohibitive, as everything you do at this resort is included in one price. There are diving outings twice daily, snorkeling, aerobics classes, a state-of-the-art fitness room, waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing, Jacuzzis, bicycles, volleyball and more. For a change, we caught a bus into town to check out the craft market, returning with exquisitely carved wooden fish and other cultural treasures that return us to Jamaica in thought on Vancouver�s rainiest days.

The memory of your honeymoon is priceless, and will hopefully add a smile to your face and a glow to your heart in the years that lie ahead. Admittedly, you may have to splurge a bit to enjoy an all-inclusive resort like Grand Lido Braco, but given the resort’s amenities, attention to detail and location in the Caribbean, it’s money well-spent.

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