Marriage Licenses

Marriage commissioners, marriage licenses, birth certificates and passport processing—it may sound rather daunting as you imagine long line-ups and scurrying around trying to find papers you never knew existed. In reality though, if you organize in advance and pay careful attention to the “Helpful Hints” in this section, processing government-related requirements for your marriage should be fairly straightforward.

The contents of this section provide government requirements, services, and contact numbers you will find useful as you plan for your marriage.

To become legally married in British Columbia you must obtain a marriage license.To obtain a marriage license the bride or groom must apply in person (only one person need apply) to issuers appointed by the Director of Vital Statistics. Minors, aged 16 to 19 years, require written consent on the “Consent of Parent or Guardian to Marriage” form and, in the event a case is brought before a judge, discretion may be used to override this form. When a license has been obtained the marriage must take place within three months.The cost of a marriage license is $100.


Locate a marriage license issuer. See the listings for an issuer near you or call the Division of Vital Statistics at 604 660-2937 or 800 663-8328.
One or two months prior to your wedding, you or your future spouse should apply for the license at your chosen marriage license office (remember: the marriage must take place within 90 days after you obtain the license).
Have a cheque for $100 made payable to the Minister of Finance (a notary will want cash), along with a valid piece of I.D., the full name of the bride and groom, place of birth, date of birth, residential address. BC residents require their Care Card number when they apply.

Some agents may require a birth certificate.You can obtain a birth certificate through any government agent who issues marriage licenses or by calling the Division of Vital Statistics at 604 660-2937 or 800 663-8328. The cost of a birth certificate is $27.

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